How To Join

First off, thank you for considering joining Betting Nerds, as the name suggests, we are serious bettors who look for great opportunities to make money betting on various sportingh events. Some of our favorite sports are Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC), Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Horse Racing!

We do give out a lot of Free Picks, so just by joining (which is free) you can have exclusive access to our picks. We currently offer Three (3) Membership Options.

#1 – Free Membership – It’s 100% free to join and as I said above, we do post some limited Free Picks/Bets for members only.

# 2 – MMA Picks – MMA is a very profitable sport to bet on if you have the knowledge. Right now you can get ALL of our MMA Bets and Parlays for $9.99 a month.

#3 – Access to ALL sports bets. This is the most popular options because with this membership you get access to ALL our bets for every sport. $25 a month.

How to Signup

Step #1 – Create a Free Membership here: Free Betting Nerds Membership

Step #2 – After you have completed your membership, go to our Upgrade Page (Linked Below) and select the option you want. They include: